Bulk mail delivery solution optimized for large-scale email delivery

A specialized solution for bulk email delivery, streamlining the process to send emails without concerns about spam blocking or delays. 

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Dedicated Email Server for Bulk Mail Delivery
Assisting in setting up a dedicated mail server to send emails that bypasses spam filters.
Create and manage dedicated IPs
Utilizing dedicated mail server (IP) enhances mail delivery rates by building reputations based on IP and domain names.
IP/Domain Reputation Management
Verifying IP and domain reputations through real-time monitoring of blacklists. 
Real-TIme Blacklist Monitoring
SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configuration for domain authentication.
SPF / DKIM Authentication Support
Support for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configuration for domain authentication. 

※ Reducing the possibility of email blocking or classified as spam due to "suspicious sender". 

Email Macro (Personalized Email Sending)
Enable personalized emails by adding macro values to the email subject and body when sending bulk emails.
Scheduling Email Delivery with Excel and API
We provide email delivery scheduling feature through Excel files and API.
Email Performance Analysis
Various features to analyze the effectiveness of email campaigns for better performance.
Email Read Receipt
You can check when, where, and how many times the recipient has opened the email, and the device used. 
Link-Click Tracking
Offers insights into when and how many times the recipients clicked on the links included in the email. 
Email Performance Analysis Report
Provides a comprehensive analysis of email performance for your sent emails.
Adding an Unsubscribe Link and Managing the Unsubscribe List 
Easily add an unsubscribe link to your emails and efficiently manage unsubscibed users.