Mailody, Seamlessly Manage Outlook-Integrated Accounts

Mailody is an Outlook-integrated account management solution designed to prevent the sending of emails from unauthorized personal and other mail accounts.

Mailody Main Features

Employee's Outlook-Linked Account List Access 

Mailody supports the accessing and managing Outlook-connected accounts for all employees within the company. 

Mailody provides a seamless overview of email accounts integrated with Outlook, including primary company email accounts, as well as shared and personal accounts, enabling easy monitoring and administration.

Setting Restriction for Sending Email from Unauthorized Accounts in Outlook

You can pre-set up permitted domains in Outlook, restricting email sending from other linked accounts besides the primary company email.

If an email is sent from an unauthorized domain, a popup warning will appear.

  • Permitted Sending Domain Configuration (Multiple Accounts Registration Allowed)
  • Email Sending Limitation from Restricted Domains
  • Individual Account Settings Available
  • Pop-up Alerts for Unauthorized Accounts

Seamless Internal Announcement Distribution on Outlook 

With Mailody, you can distribute important internal announcements through pop-up windows in Outlook. This provides a quick and seamless way to share important security-related updates directly within Outlook.

  • Administrator Portal Feature
  • Customization of Announcements 
  • Publication and Expiry Dates Settings
  • Announcement Template Feature
Mailody Setting Cost

Check the Mailody setting cost!

The setting cost can vary based on your specific setup, so feel free to reach out through our inquiry form to get the most accurate estimation price for your needs.