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The ultimate solution for Microsoft 365 and Exchange migration 

Need to migrate from Exchange server to Microsoft 365 or from an older version of Exchange server to the latest version? Try CodeTwo for a seamless and speedy migration!

CodeTwo Office 365 Migration
Main Features

Migration from Exchange Server to Microsoft 365

Easily migrate from any version of Microsoft Exchange server to Microsoft 365. Whether it's Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, or 2019, you can smoothly transition from any Exchange version to Microsoft 365.

Migration Between M365 Tenants

Achieve a hassle-free mailbox migration from one Microsoft tenant to another with minimal configueation using EWS (Exchange Web Services) whether you're dealing with the source or target tenant. No need for direct Azure Key Vault, PowerShell Script execution, or extra settings.

Email, Calendar and Contact Migration

Your existing Exchange mailbox content and structure will be effortlessly mirrored in the cloud. A direct, 1:1 copy of your Exchange mailbox is generated in Microsoft 365, ensuring a seamless transition for all types of folders, including email, contacts, calendar events and tasks. 

Exchange Public Folder Migration to Microsoft 365

Effortlessly migrate your Exchange server's public folders to M365 by creating an empty mailbox for public folders in M365. The process is automated which eliminates the need for complicated preparations or downtime, offering a straightforward solution

CodeTwo Exchange Migration
Main Features

Migration between Exchange Servers

Easily migrate mailboxes between Exchange server instances regardless of the current Exchange server version. This is useful when relocating users to different AD groups or upgrading the entire email server installation to a newer version

Migration from Microsoft365 to Exchange Server

Utilizing CodeTwo makes the process of migrating from Microsoft 365 to an on-premises Exchange server much simpler. You can easily migrate Exchange online content or selected mailboxes to the latest on-premises Exchange server.

Cross-Forest and Cross-Domain Scenario

CodeTwo Exchange Migration stands out from other products by seamlessly supporting migrations between different domains and Active Directory forests. Experience easy migrations between diverse domains and forests using CodeTwo.

Migration from Previous Versions to Exchange 2016/2019

Easily migrate directly from older Exchange versions to Exchange 2016/2019. Direct migration from Exchange 2010 to 2019 is not available, but with CodeTwo, experience a smooth upgrade from your current version to the latest without the need for intermediate downloads.

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CodeTwo Office 365 Migration

CodeTwo Exchange Migration

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